Yizhi Wang (็Ž‹้€ธไน‹)

I am a Postdoc Fellow working with Professor Hao (Richard) Zhang in GrUVi Lab at Simon Fraser University (SFU), Canada. I am now working on 3D Shape Reconstruction and Content Creation.

I received my PhD degree from Peking University, where I worked on Computer Vision and Computer Graphics. During my PhD, I was focused on applying deep generative models to analyze and synthesize 2D geometric data (e.g., glyph, font, and layout). I was supervised by Prof. Zhouhui Lian and Prof. Jianguo Xiao.

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I have strong interests in shape synthesis and analysis. Specifically, my researching projects cover the following topics: 3D Reconstruction, Font Generation, Layout Generation, Scene Text (Character) Recognition and Detection, Font Recognition, etc. Representative papers are highlighted.

Aesthetic Text Logo Synthesis via Content-aware Layout Inferring
Yizhi Wang, Guo Pu, Wenhan Luo, Yexin Wang, Pengfei Xiong, Hongwen Kang, Zhouhui Lian
CVPR, 2022
project page / arXiv / code

A content-aware layout generation network which takes element images and their corresponding content (such as texts) as input and synthesizes aesthetic layouts for them automatically.

DeepVecFont: Synthesizing High-quality Vector Fonts via Dual-modality Learning
Yizhi Wang, Zhouhui Lian
ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 Technical Paper), 2021
project page / arXiv / code

Directly synthesize vector fonts via dual-modality learning and differentiable rasterization (rendering), instead of vectorizing synthesized glyph images by rule-based methods.

Attribute2Font: Creating Fonts You Want From Attributes
Yizhi Wang*, Yue Gao*, Zhouhui Lian
ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH 2020 Technical Paper), 2020
project page / arXiv / code

Automatically synthesize fonts according to user-specified attributes (such as italic, serif, cursive, and angularity) and their corresponding values.

Exploring Font-independent Features for Scene Text Recognition
Yizhi Wang, Zhouhui Lian
ACM Multimedia, 2020
project page / arXiv / code

Address the challenge of font variance in STR and propose a font-independent feature representation method to increase the robustness of STR models.

Font Recognition in Natural Images via Transfer Learning
Yizhi Wang, Zhouhui Lian
MMM, 2018
project page / paper / dataset

Accurately recognize the font styles of texts in natural images by proposing a novel method based on deep learning and transfer learning.

Invited Talks
  • 07/2022 I was invited to give a talk (in Chinese) by CSIG (China Society of Image and Graphics).
Merit Student, Peking University. 2018, 2021
Excellent Student, Wangxuan Insitute of Peking University. 2020, 2021
CETC The 14TH Research Institute Glarun Scholarship, Peking University. 2018
Excellent Award, The 17th Programming Contest of Peking University. 2018

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